Left to right — Brandy Wehinger, Chris Hames, Anna Glasgow, Kate Allen, Stacy Power

Clinical Aesthetic Network of New Zealand (CANNZ)

Representing NZ’s clinical aesthetic professionals

CANNZ is a society that aims to create a collective voice for aesthetic practitioners, whether they are nurses, doctors, dentists, pharmacists or other medical professionals. We aim to create high standards of care, ensuring amazing client outcomes and patient safety. 

Collaboration is one of the best ways to share ideas, learn and create standards of care that best suit the New Zealand population. Our aim is to have network of highly skilled professionals that will support one another, promote innovation and provide excellence in treatments.

Why choose a CANNZ practitioner for your Cosmetic treatments?

Our network brings together experienced, well-trained professionals dedicated to providing safe and effective cosmetic treatments for our patients. CANNZ is the only official network in NZ for cosmetic practitioners. When you choose a CANNZ practitioner you know you are getting a professional, competent injector with up-to-date knowledge and skills in cosmetic appearance treatments.

Find a CANNZ practitioner in your area.

CANNZ has a dual role:

  1. To provide services and support to all of its members.
  2. To promote and support patient safety in the area of non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

CANNZ Advisory Board Members

Brandy Wehinger

CANNZ Advisory Board President & Policy

Brandy loves seeing the positive impact that aesthetic healthcare can have on client self-confidence, which is why she is passionate about training highly professional and skilled nurses. As a National Clinical Educator for Caci, she is involved in training of clinical treatments and for helping support franchisees throughout New Zealand. Brandy is also proud to be part of FabLab, Caci’s research and development group.

Brandy regards Appearance Medicine as both art and science, a blending of aesthetics with clinical knowledge and medicine. She is passionate about helping clients with age-related concerns, as well as those wanting to glamourize their appearance.

You can contact Brandy through Caci Clinics, Auckland or her own personal clinic Eye Candy Cosmetics.



Rebecca Burman

CANNZ Advisory Board Secretary

NZ Registered Cosmetic Nurse Rebecca has been a Registered Nurse for over 13 years, with experience working in a range of specialties, including Public Surgical Nursing, Private Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery, and Dermatology. Her experience in these specialties led her to Cosmetic Medicine, where she is able to combine her artistic eye and appreciation for facial aesthetics with her advanced knowledge of facial anatomy and skin.

For the past 7 years, she has specialised solely in Cosmetic Medicine and frequently attends Conferences and Master Classes in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and Asia. This brings the latest techniques and treatments from around the world to her clinical practice.

Rebecca is highly experienced and skilled and offers the most advanced facial rejuvenation treatments. She is a Clinical & Product Trainer to Doctors and Nurses in both NZ and Australia for the distributor of MINT® PDO thread lift products, and for Teoxane of Switzerland who manufactures premium Swiss dermal filler products -Teosyal® which is used exclusively in her clinic. She is also a trainer for Ever Young Training school.


Bridgette Lawrence

CANNZ Advisory Board Treasurer

Bridgette is a Registered Aesthetic Nurse, and has specialised in Cosmetic Medicine since 2002. She owns Caci Palmerston North, one of the largest Caci Clinics in New Zealand.

Previously Bridgette worked in peri-operative and surgical settings, intensive care and high dependency unit (HDU) environments both in public and private hospitals in New Zealand and internationally. She then progressed to specialising in plastic cosmetic surgery.

Bridgette is also contracted to Caci New Zealand as their Senior Clinical Advisor, and is a member of their R & D team. Education is a high priority for Bridgette, and she regularly attends events in New Zealand and overseas to continually grow and achieve optimal results for her patients.

As a self-confessed nerd, in her spare time you will find her reading anatomy papers, dabbling in art, or trimming her hedges with military precision.

[email protected]

Stacey Power

CANNZ Founder and Advisory Board Website Director

Stacey Power is a Registered Aesthetic Nurse and is a national trainer in Platelet-Rich Plasma. Stacey has also been a National Trainer for Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxins in New Zealand and is a founding partner of the appearance medicine training school: Ever Young Training.

You can contact Stacey at her Beautiphi Clinic in Parnell, Auckland, or Bridge St, Nelson. Beautiphi is one of New Zealand’s top specialists in Appearance Medicine solutions, with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Stacey’s qualified and accredited team of national trainers work with clients to understand individual appearance needs and solutions.


Marie Guerin

CANNZ Advisory Board Transition – Protocol/Policy

Marie is a RN, who has been working in cosmetic medicine since 1997 and has extensive experience in injectables, laser, IPL, HiFU, Cryopolysis and advanced skin treatments.

She has previous nursing experience in Oncology, Haematology, General Practice and Sculptra clinical training with Sanofi Aventis.

Apart from her busy Wellington Clinic, Marie has also been contracted to Galderma to provide clinical training in the use of dermal fillers and botulinum toxin.

Marie is also part owner of the cosmetic training school: Ever Young Training.

You can contact Marie at her clinic, Accent on Skin in Wellington.


Sue Lee

CANNZ Advisory Board Industry Liaison & Nursing Council Liaison

Sue graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing degree in 2009 and went on to complete her NETP (Nursing Entry to Practice) Programme at SDHB and now studying a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Research.

She has five years experience in neuroscience nursing (Neurosurgery & Neurology), including max-fax, ophthalmology, ENT and HDU (Hight Dependency Unit) in Dunedin Public hospital. Last 5 years Sue has been working as a wound care nurse for SDHB and a vascular clinical research nurse coordinator for University of Otago. She is a member of NZWCS (New Zealand Wound Care Society) and a committee member of Southern Wound Healing Group.

More recently Sue decided to follow her sisters footstep to combine her eye for aesthetics and love for helping others being the best version of themselves. Sue believes in a holistic approach to beauty and wellness while prioritising clients trust building to obtain great results.


Anna Glasgow

CANNZ Advisory Board Website Assist and Audit/sign-off support

Anna’s hoping to be a friendly point of contact for people who are new to CANNZ and the aesthetic industry.

Being a solo injector can be isolating, and Anna understands the trials of starting your own clinic, navigating audits and the who’s who of the aesthetic industry. No matter which phase of life Anna has found herself in, she has always sought connection with others.

Anna finds interacting with her colleagues makes her a happier, more engaged, safer practitioner. Anna has 16 years general nursing experience, and 3 years experience as an injector during which time she has worked within well known franchises, and also setting up her own clinic from home.


Nicole McDonald

CANNZ Advisory Board Quarterly Newsletter & New CANNZ member Liaison

Nicole is a Registered Nurse Therapist and owner of Clinique Elan.

Nicole started her nursing career in Christchurch, working in a private hospital specialising in post-operative surgical care. From there Nicole went to work for a Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon, where she specialised in cosmetic surgery, dermatology and appearance medicine.

During those years Nicole was fortunate enough to travel throughout New Zealand and Australia for training in appearance medicine and dermatology. She has consequently developed a comprehensive knowledge of both dermal fillers and botulinum treatments, and a thorough understanding of skin rejuvenation and facial ageing.


CANNZ Support Members

Dianna Morgan

CANNZ Censor

Dianna has worked in the cosmetic industry for more than 15 years, throughout both New Zealand and Australia. She started her career in Dermatology, and combined skin studies with intense pulsed light and lasers. Dianna then worked with Allergan, the makers of BOTOX and JUVEDERM. This was a great place to learn injecting techniques from some of the best injectors globally, right at the source, and she spent over 6 years with this prestigious company. The training was an important part of her work and Dianna became an advisor for Allergan, training hundreds of Doctors and Nurses in the art of injecting BOTOX and dermal fillers. Dianna has also been involved with MasterClass training sessions with world renowned Plastic Surgeons, and now she brings her incredible skills and experiences to work with us!


Leisa McGill

Social Media Organiser

Leisa McGill is a registered nurse of over 27 years and the owner of Leisa McGill, Appearance Coach based in the Bay of Plenty. Her background is varied having nursed in both public and private sectors here in New Zealand and Canada.

Her love of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Medicine began when she started work for one of New Zealand’s largest dermatology clinics where she worked as a specialised dermatology and aesthetics nurse for 12 years. She is passionate about helping her clients feel confident and empowered at whatever age or stage they are at using a variety of injectable and dermal therapies.

During her time running her business she has developed an absolute passion for digital marketing and how best to get information across to her clients and is now studying towards a Diploma of Digital Marketing while running her cosmetic clinic in Papamoa

With Leisa working as a cosmetic practitioner in her own clinic she is in the unique position of understanding the industry and able to use her skills a digital marketer to be able to help others in the cosmetic medicine field market both themselves and their businesses to their clients.