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CANNZ – Developing an Identity Within a Workplace

How do you stand out in a large company, driven to mass production rather than a boutique style intimacy?

As I look around different CANNZ nurse Instagram and Facebook pages, I am discovering some really inventive ways that some of our members use to work their personalities into their social media platforms. In an area of nursing that requires artistry and personality, these incredible people have figured out a way to stand out in their work roles.

From spicing their social media work places with a little bit of their lives, their ethics, and their hopes and goals, to painting a picture of colour in their work and their caring interactions with their clients – this all leads to potential customers wanting more.

For those who are not allowed to use their own before and after photos, which are often company owned, you can still develop a stand-out presence in your customer base. This leads to more clients wanting your work, more customers for your company, and more satisfaction for you in your chosen profession. Look around and see what others are doing, emulate them, draw inspiration from them, and layer your own personality – all of us are striving towards, and deserve to become, the best that we can be!