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  • August 7, 2017 at 12:43 pm #230

    This is my personal account of the meeting at NZSCM I hope others will add to it.
    The agenda, lead by Stella Wilkins was Professional Standards, a presentation of lip occlusion by Marie Hendricks, a presentation of the blindness incident by Lianne Dunismuir, and where do we go from here.
    Stella talked to us about what is a standing order and the need for us to review these at a minimum of once a year, she reviews hers 4 monthly.
    Marie spoke to us about a lip treatment of hers which had some blanching and how she used Hyalase and the resulting effects of her treatment which responded well. It’s great that these experienced nurses can share these events and help us all in the unfortunate occasion that it could happen to any of us.
    Lianne gave us a detailed amazing account of her experiences dealing with the recent blindness case, how it emotionally effected her, and the lack of support throughout this experience, leading to the entire NZ industry ensuring knowledge on fast response in the future. In a case like this we have 90 minutes to have a chance to treat and hopefully reverse the condition. I personally found this a moving and incredibly helpful and insightful account on many more levels than I have ever heard in any lecture before and I think it would be incredibly valuable to have her speak to us all at a future date. If she would. I learned an extremely large amount from Lianne and it was amazing to see how this has effected this experienced and incredibly competent injector.
    We then went on to discuss how Professional Standards were needed to encompass our whole Appearance Medicine Nursing Industry and how we needed to begin the process to ensure the safety of us all and the safety of our clients especially.
    A group of names were raised as a potential committee to begin to set these in place. After some discussion, we all agreed on a committee to begin this process. We hope you all are happy with our decision and I hope you can all be involved in this forum to share your thoughts and support. The committee will be made up of nurses representing all of the primary areas of our industry. One from the Skin Institute, one from Caci clinic, one for the independent nurses, an incredibly experienced nurse in working with Nursing Council, and one who brings her “age” and experience to the table. We have tried to also choose people from all over the country.
    The committee thus far is made up of Kate Allen (Caci) Emma Linley (Skin Institute) Shelley Frost (Nursing Council Experience) Marie Hendricks (Wellington) Amanda Child, and Stacey Power (Independant Nurses)
    We discussed a need for a place to support and discuss events in our industry and Rebecca Burman and Stacey Power launched this website at the meeting. We, alongside Dianna Morgan, have put his together anticipating this need. We hope you all participate in it and find it does meet your needs and if there is anything further we can incorporate into it, you give us constructive feedback.
    This is a start to structure and strengthen our Nursing side of the Appearance Medicine Industry. Hans has also expressed an interest in NZSCM helping to finance us in moving our Professional Standards forward.
    Follow up comments I have heard since the meeting:
    This is a nursing issue and needs to be moved on, for and by nurses. A lot of us feel it would be good to have the NZSCM support but keeping it in mind, it is the nurses arena. Hans agrees this is a nursing issue but wants us to know we have his support.
    It would be of great value to everyone if anyone else at this meeting could also add to my comments, in case you feel I have left anything out.

    August 14, 2017 at 10:55 am #237

    I think you have summed the meeting up pretty well Stacey – thankyou.

    September 18, 2017 at 1:38 pm #259

    Thank Stacey for the summary. I wasn’t able to attend NZSCAM this time but great to hear your summary.

    May 28, 2018 at 6:25 pm #5572

    Who is going to this meeting this year? We have made a lot of progress on the Standards and have met with Nursing Council and look forward to presenting to you all.

    May 28, 2018 at 7:12 pm #5578

    Im going this year

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