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  • August 11, 2018 at 10:13 am #5606

    Hey everyone,

    Below is the Professional Practice Standards Draft 2018. Click the link below and leave feedback in the comments section.

    Click here for the Draft

    August 14, 2018 at 12:12 am #5608

    Pam Doole of Nursing Council gives this feedback so far as discussed by Shelley Frost at the meeting:
    I promised I would get back to you after speaking to Carolyn and Clare.

    In regards to the guidelines we would like to acknowledge the working group and the effort they have made to produce the guidelines document. It is very helpful to have standards and activities identified and guidance given. We particularly like the Advertising guidelines.

    Some suggestions we have are that with each of the domains there be an emphasis on psychological as well as physical assessment of the client and also patient education. We wonder if there also needs to be advice on where a procedure can be performed in relation to safety and infection control issues.

    Also that the training also identifies the validity and efficacy of the treatment and risks so that nurses can undertake informed consent.

    In regards to scope of practice we also see many of these activities being expanded practice and would like to direct the group to the advice on our website also see below

    We have not come across the “oversight” relationship before and wondered what was behind it if nurses are competent and safe to perform these activities. If not, does the relationship need to be more collaborative or include clinical supervision as identified below?

    I have discussed this initiative in general terms with Suzanne Rolls professional advisor at NZNO who has a relationship with the Perioperative Nurses College and also spoken to her about the wider work that Janet Lewen, Principal Advisor, MOH is doing re: Personal Appearances Services.

    I hope this is helpful Shelley and that the Conference goes well. We will delay any further work on a Position statement until your group has had an opportunity to have further discussion with the Aesthetic nurses group.

    Kind regards

    Nurses often take responsibility for health care activities or roles that could be considered an expanded practice role. Before undertaking an expanded practice role the nurse may complete further education practice with clinical supervision or complete an assessment. Before expanding practice, the nurse and the employer should together consider a number of issues, including:

    · identifying the legislation and standards that support the expansion
    · gathering evidence that health outcomes will be improved
    · developing organisational policies to support the changes
    · identifying what educational preparation, clinical supervision and assessment the nurse will require.
    A flow chart showing the decision-making process for expanding the scope of nursing practice is included in the downloads box on the right of this page.

    Guidelines for an expanded practice role are also available in the downloads box on the right of this page.

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