The Role of Nurses in Cosmetic Medicine

Nurses have been delivering treatment for patients seeking aesthetic medical treatments since the early 1980s. There are now over 200 nurses in Cosmetic Medicine in New Zealand.

The following statistics provided by the major pharmaceutical companies show the breakdown of cosmetic injectable purchases by profession:

  • Nurses 40%
  • Doctors 24%
  • Dentists 11%
  • Others – including direct purchase by clinics 25%

Cosmetic Medicine Nurses also provide:

  • 54% of dermal filler treatments
  • 52% of Botulinum Toxin treatments (Doctors 13%, Dentists 6% and clinics 29%)

Nurses in Cosmetic Medicine contribute to Standards of Practice

Registered Nurses provide effective and reliable treatment in cosmetic aesthetics. Over twenty years in the industry providing cosmetic aesthetics services have shown them to be safe, capable and a way of providing cost effective service in this area.

Nurse led treatment areas have proven to be an effective way to deliver healthcare over a wide demographic. Cosmetic aesthetics have shown this in detail. We hope that the future of healthcare in many arenas looks to the success of nurse led treatment options in other areas.