Brandy Wehinger – Clinical Director of Caci NZ & Owner of Eyecandy Cosmetics

Code of Conduct

CANNZ Practitioners must adhere to prescribed standards that ensure they provide safe and professional treatments. In addition to following our strict Code of Conduct, all members of CANNZ are expected to:

  • Engage in a professional and approachable relationship with clients, and are trained to manage client expectations and concerns.
  • Follow the Treaty of Waitangi principles of Partnership, Participation and Protection.
  • Offer advice in relation to client concerns and may recommend treatments or refer clients to a specialists for consultation of the requested treatments if required.
  • Create a treatment plan with the client to achieve the required outcomes.
  • Provide follow up consultations to review progress and effectiveness of treatments.
  • Be professionally accountable through membership of CANNZ with a detailed process for managing adverse outcomes and issues arising from treatments.

Any cosmetic injectable or invasive cosmetic treatment is not without risk and warrants specialist clinical expertise.