To advertise your services or products please contact [email protected]. We can post a recruitment advertisement for you on the Recruitment page.

We can also post an advertisement for your clinic or an advertisement for any training or courses you may provide. Or let us know what you’d like to advertise and we’d be happy to accommodate you if we can, all enquiries should be sent to [email protected].

Adverts are available in two sizes and can be placed in a number of locations across the site.

  • Home Page Banner $150/month (1000px by 400px)
  • Other page Banner $100/month (1000px by 400px)
  • Sidebar, $50/month (400px by 400px)
  • Home Page Banner plus Sidebar $175/month.
  • Other Page Banner plus Sidebar $125/month.

All advertisements will also be posted in our private Facebook page exposed directly to all practitioners and recruitment adverts are also placed on our public Facebook page. Sidebar adverts are placed on all pages with sidebars and can be visible to everyone or only signed in members (please specify when placing ad). Banner adverts can only be placed on pages where there is no sidebar (please specify page for your advert when placing ad), home page banner ads are at a 50% premium. Any other types of advertising can be discussed as to where you would like them posted.