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CANNZ – Working in Isolation

CANNZ – Working in Isolation

For many CANNZ nurses one of our greatest challenges is that we work mostly alone. This can lead to a sense of isolation and a potential lowered awareness of what is happening in the cosmetic community.

Joining a society helps overcome this feeling of isolation and encourages camaraderie, breaking down prejudices and misconceptions – essentially forging solidarity.

It leads to a broader range of friendships within our field, and, given that we spend so much time working on our vocation, it’s a great thing to kindle relationships and support each other.

I have been watching relationships and support networks develop over the past 3 years that CANNZ has been operating.  Peer-review has developed into support groups and a sharing of information with each other.  Barriers are falling, as chain clinics have started to integrate with independent nurses, as well as nurses who are working with dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Groups investing in more training together have popped up with this increase in socialization, which is leading to better-educated nurses and networks of support, which is great for increased patient safety. In the current crisis, this means many are now available to lend a hand, instead of leaving a nurse alone to struggle to work out how to solve issues.

I’m enjoying learning from and discovering the many talents that all these nurses are bringing to our group, to my practice, and my life.  The new friends I have developed and learn from are giving me a new drive in my own practice.

The more practitioners we can get on board in this wonderful society we are slowly building, the more we will develop as people and friends, and also in our work.